Jimmy Savile Enquiry


In February 2015 the Secretary of State for Health published his themes and findings following the Jimmy Savile Enquiry. The safety of our patients is paramount and the way in which hospices operate is, like hospitals, very different to how they did at that time. We have reviewed the findings from the Savile Enquiry to ensure that we have the highest standards of safety and security for our patients.


In reviewing the findings from the enquiry we have the following measures in place;

  • We have security measures in and around our Inpatient Unit and Day Hospice, including monitoring of visitors and the electronic access system
  • We encourage staff to challenge unusual activity and/ or visits, report anything which may be a concern and have developed links with our local neighbourhood police officers
  • We are finalising a policy to ensure any visits from VIPs or celebrities are registered and that they are accompanied at all times
  • We have processes in place for the recruitment of volunteers and have enhanced checks in place for both staff and volunteers
  • we have processes and procedures in place for the safeguarding of adults and children which meet the statutory requirement; all staff receive training and education and are encouraged to challenge and act on any concerns
  • The Senior Management Team visit all clinical areas regularly, speaking with patients, staff and visitors


If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact Angela Walton, Clinical Services Director or Rachel Sheils, Medical Director by calling 01422 379151.