Benjamin Roberts Solicitors

The following testimonial is from Benjamin Roberts Solicitors, who sponsored our first ever Colour Run event.


"How proud Benjamin Roberts are to have supported Overgate Hospice over the wonderful colour run.

Overgate are a great cause and provide a great service to the prople of Calderdale at the most difficult time of life.

As Overgate rely upon the generosity of the public and local businesses to be able to operate and provide the services they do, so we were happy to use our time and our resources to assist with the continuance of the service.

Sponsoring the Colour Run provided our business with greater exposure to the people of Calderdale, so they know that we are here for them not just commercially but as human beings who care as much about them and the community as we do about doing business.

Being involved with Overgate helps us spread that message.  We thank everyone who attended and supported the Colour Run for their generosity.

It was a great day attended by great people for a great cause."

Graham Roberts

Principal Solicitor



James Heal

James Heal chose us as their Charity of the Year and wrote the following blog for their staff members:


As most of you will be aware and for those that aren’t in June we chose Overgate Hospice in Elland as our Charity of the Year. Since then we have been supporting Overgate in different ways; from small things such as book exchanges, bake days, dress down Fridays, domino cards and collection tubs; to bigger events that we have either taken part in or helped out at.


To date, the events that James Heal have been involved in are:


The Mountain Bike Challenge. We had participants.

Garden Party. We helped set up.

Colour Run. We helped set up, participated and helped tidy up.

Midnight Walk. We help set up, marshalled and participated.


We have had positive feedback from Overgate on our help in the short space of time we have supported them, including thank you cards, letters and certificates. Their newsletter has just been published and there is a section that mentions James Heal as being one of their corporate members entitled ‘A little help from our friends’. Each month we have a barometer that shows how much money the company has raised for Overgate. This is posted on the news notice boards, along with events past, present and future.


To date we have raised a staggering £1438.78 from June to end of September. A Huge Thank You to all of you that have taken time to support them. Let’s keep up the good work!