Gifts in Wills

Because you cared, we can

Leaving a gift in your Will is one of the ways you can support Overgate Hospice even if you are unable to support us at this time. Your legacy, however large or small, can help to ensure that future generations have access to our specialist care services for as long as they may need.

1 in 5 people who walk through the door at Overgate Hospice are being cared for because of a legacy

Legacies have always been an important source of income to Overgate Hospice, but they can be difficult to predict making it hard for us to secure Overgate’s future. It is helpful to let us know if you have included us in your Will, as we also enjoy having the opportunity to say thank you.

How do I go about making a Will?

Making a Will is not expensive, complicated or time-consuming. We would strongly recommend going to a solicitor or professional, which will cost on average just £100. If you make an appointment with one of our participating solicitors during our annual 'Make a Will Fortnight', which will take place from 8th-19th October 2018, you can also support the Hospice as half of your fee will be donated back to us!

Here are some guidelines to help you prepare some necessary details, and keep this expense to a minimum:

Work out the sum of your estate by listing all your assets (house, savings, jewellery etc) and subtracting all your liabilities (mortgage, debts etc). The result is your estate total. Next, decide how you would like your assets and possessions to be divided amongst your family and friends. If at this point you do decide to leave a legacy or gift to Overgate Hospice or any other cause, there are different ways for you to do so.

  • A pecuniary legacy - a gift of a fixed sum of money to a named person or organisation.
  • A specific legacy - a gift of a particular item (not money), such as jewellery to a named person or organisation.
  • A residuary legacy - after all pecuniary and specific bequests have been made and your expenses accounted for, the remainder of your estate is known as the residue. This should be covered by a Residuary Bequest otherwise the law determines its outcome. The residue can be split between family, friends and your favourite causes. 

What if I already have a Will?

It is very important to keep your Will up to date. Altering an existing Will can be done simply by adding a codicil. This is a separate legal document witnessed in its own right. Again, consulting with a solicitor is the best way to add a codicil and ensure it is legally binding. A codicil must be kept with your will but not attached to it. 

How do I word a legacy or codicil?

To ensure that no problems arise when the Will is executed, the wording used must include the name Overgate Hospice, Elland and our charity number which is 511619.

For further information on how to leave Overgate Hospice a gift, or to learn more about our Make a Will Fortnight, please contact our Appeals Manager, Laura Golding on 01422 38121 or email