Why we need your support

At Overgate Hospice we know that we cannot add days to life. But with your support, our care will add life to the days of our patients, helping people make the most of the time they have left.

Our running costs total £3.5 million a year. The Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group makes a contribution towards this amount, however as a charity we are tasked with raising £2.5 million per year. This equates to a daily fundraising target of £6,800. This would not be achievable without the support of our community, and we do not take this support for granted. Each penny raised and moment of time spent in support of the Hospice is massively appreciated.

All our services are provided at absolutely no cost to those we care for, and you make this possible.

To support Overgate Hospice come and join us at one of our events, join the lottery, nominate us as Charity of The Year in your place of work, shop in one of our thirteen shops, make a donation; the possibilities are endless and your support is always appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Fundraising Team

01422 387121