Christmas Appeal

We need the support of our amazing community - now more than ever.

As we enter December, we are yet again in the midst of another national lockdown. At the Hospice, this means that all of our 13 charity shops have been forced to close their doors once more and yet more of our fundraising events have been cancelled. The impact of this cannot be underestimated.

And Christmas is just around the corner.

Christmas, like for so many of you, is a special time at the Hospice. For the vast majority of the patients in our care, this will be their last Christmas.  Our teams will be here on Christmas Day, welcoming families, pouring Baileys, and pulling crackers but Christmas at the Hospice isn’t just December 25th. Some of our patients will sadly never see this day so the whole of the team at Overgate make Christmas happen whenever the patient needs or wants it. Whether they want a quiet, personal time with loved ones, or a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, we do what we can to make it special.

But as we continue to live with the Covid-19 virus, we are all facing a very different Christmas this year. The financial impact of the pandemic means that we are facing more uncertainty about our future at the Hospice. We may not yet know what the next few months will bring, but what we do know is that each of our patients deserves to spend their time with us in peace, comfort and safety.  A gift to Overgate will mean that we can continue to protect our patients from the chaos outside, envelope them with love and make this Christmas as special as any other.

We know that we have asked our community for a lot this year, but Overgate is Calderdale’s Hospice and it is so important that it is still here to care for our families, neighbours, friends and loved ones in the months and years to come. Please help us if you can.

Because you care, we can. 

Donate to our Christmas Appeal