Corporate Emergency Appeal

Thank you for your interest in Overgate Hospice’s Emergency Fund Appeal. The Hospice faces its biggest challenge in its thirty nine year history and are in desperate need of your help.  

A group of likeminded supporters have joined together to pledge and seek support for the Hospice during this this time of national emergency; our crucial Hospice services are needed more than ever as Overgate supports the NHS in the fight against COVID-19. By continuing to provide beds and specialist clinical care to relieve pressure on the hospitals, as well as working alongside NHS teams to advise and support with the setting up of new, temporary palliative care COVID-19 wards in the community and launching a specialist helpline for professionals and patients, Overgate Hospice is working on the front line.

Sadly, due to government guidelines and social distancing measures, all of the the Hospice’s fundraising events have been cancelled and their 13 charity shops have been closed.  This has resulted in huge financial losses for the Hospice, who rely on the public and community for over 70% of their running costs

Join Overgate’s growing Corporate Emergency Appeal list with a donation upwards of £1000 and help us reach £250,000 raised for vital care. Your generous support to your community will allow Overgate to continue vital care in 2021 and beyond. For more details or to make a donation please contact the Corporate Appeal Team at or 01422 387121.

Your donation will make a real difference, for example:


 Thank you

The Overgate Volunteer Corporate Emergency Appeal Group

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