By choosing Overgate as your Charity of the Year you can engage your staff with a hugely motivating cause that serves your local community. We have a variety of exciting fundraising ideas to suit all levels of support and a range of existing events and activities that you and your colleagues can really get excited about.

We advise that you set yourself a target to raise throughout the year – something achievable but also ambitious! From there you can create a rough plan of how your fundraising might take shape. You can include anything from a Dress Down Day to a Cake Sale to taking on a physical challenge!
We will do our best to help you to highlight your fundraising efforts through the local media as well as sharing your fundraising activities through our popular social media channels. Our Fundraising Team is here for advice and support on how to turn your ideas in to something special.
Choosing a Charity of the Year is a great way to improve staff motivation, encourage team building and increase your company’s profile in the local community as well as demonstrating to your employees, customers and potential customers, your commitment to issues that affect your local community.
Put your company at the heart of the community and adopt Overgate Hospice as your Charity of the Year.

For more information or to get involved please telephone our Fundraising Team on 01422 387121 or email us.

Download our fundraising tips