Light up a Life

This December, the magnificent tree in the Hospice garden will be illuminated with hundreds of lights shining brightly in memory of so many wonderful people. 
Each light on the tree represents the life of someone that has brought so much love and happiness to others. We warmly invite you to honour the memory of your loved one, by dedicating a light on our tree. Your dedications will pay tribute to your loved ones, whose lives will always be remembered and loved.

Our services will be taking place at various locations, starting from the 26th of November, check them out here. 

Kindly Sponsored by:

My beautiful mum, Diane Moran & wonderful grandparents, Joan & Keith Moran

Bet you’re all having fun up there together. Love you all forever, my sunshine xxxx

My lovely Grandad Harry & fabulous Auntie Kath

Love you oodles and oodles, forever xxxx

Susan Isabel Mulhall

Still in my thoughts after all this time

Joyce Sarratt

I miss you Mum and have a very heavy heart as we approach our first Christmas without you. Lots of love Julie xxxx

Lorraine holliday

Miss you mum love you always Love lesley

Ian Fraser

We miss you x God Bless X

stephen holden

in memory of my dad stephen, missed every day , passed in overgate 5th november 2021 forever loved , forever missed x

Joe kitcher

In memory of my wonderful husband and fantastic dad we all miss you so much 💛💙 MOT

Judith Priestley

I miss you every day Mum, there's so many things we miss sharing with you. I love you so very much, always and forever, Gemma xxxxx

John Thomson

Another Christmas without you dad . I miss you every day especially at the moment. Just love to talk to you . Love you always Lynne xxxxx

Dean Chris and David Ramsden

Always missed sorry we never had the chance to grow up together

Anthony Stuart

In Loving memory of a wonderful dad and grandad, we miss you very much ❤️

Philip snowball. Dad/ grandad.

Love you, miss you xxx love Ryan, Tanya, Alfie & Lily XXX

Denise Briggs. Grandma/ GG

Miss you everyday. Love you so much xxx love Tanya, Ryan, Alfie & Lily XXX

Michael and Barbara Savage

Together again 💙💖 Love and miss you both but I know you are always watching over me Your loving daughter Helen Michelle xx

Christine bull

Love and miss you every day mum hope u looking after dad ❤️💙 together again 😇😇

Jonathan Ambler

Loved and missed always. X

Alan. Walker

Remembered with love and always in our thoughts From the Walker family.

Tony Stubbington

We love and miss you so much. Rosalind & Victoria.

Victoria Percival

1 year since you left us and you’re missed more than ever, but your light still burns brightly in our hearts. We love you Vicky Ian, Caitlin, Harry, Mum, Dad, David, Jill, Matt & Nathan xxx

Rose Veronica Milburn (O'malley)

To a beautiful courageous mother passed but never forgotten

Bridget Benson

Passed but never forgotten for being a light to so many in life is now a light in spirit

Michael W Hey

With all our love we all miss you so much

William Mcnamara (Billy Mc)

To a special Dad,Grandad and Great Grandad. Your thought about daily and missed unconditionally x Love always xx

Brenda Sharp

Mum lit up the lives of so many people through her kindness, thoughtfulness and gentle wisdom-forever loved and always in our heart.

Jules Beresford-Dent

Forever in our hearts

Louise Kay Thomas


Lee Acklam


Keith Barker


Martin Baker


John Lethey


Eric Brocklehurst


Eva May Crowther


Ron Wild

Carol Harris


Ann Greenwood


Terrie Ripley


Mario Kitcher


Doris Emery


George Kitcher

Mario Kitcher


Doris Emery


George Kitcher


Joe Kitcher


John Musson


Cath Bentley


Joyce McDermott


Elizabeth Wormald


Stuart Hegney


Marjorie Neal


Charles Kenneth Pickles


Monika Voudey


Roger Sunderland


Linda Ambler


Maria Clayton


Barry Wright


Mavis Whittlestone


Geoff Whittlestone


Val Raper


Ronald Warren


Caroline Buckley


Barry Simmons


Harry "Graham" Walker


Nellie Walker


Raymond Walker


Colin Brealey


Mary Lister


Doris Fearnley


Barrie Rogers

Eric Davenport


Ian Michael Davenport


Malcolm Ernest Barry


Raymond Downie


Richard Downie


Rose Nuttall


Brian & Lesley Gammons


Les & June Johnson


Alan & Michelle Johnson


Lynn Johnson


Mick Johnson


Brian Wade


Roy Berry


Trevor Berry

Tony Berry


Jack Berry


Margaret Hanson


James Wilton


David Benny


Betty Bell


Elizabeth Nowak


Jennifer Mary Hardy


Roger Broadbent


Margaret Joan Barker


Sally-Ann Brunning


Ruth Hellawell


Joy Callaghan


Michael Thompson


Bruce Ridler


Edward Belshaw


Irene Belshaw


Keith Belshaw


Green, Todd & Andrew families


Rev. Pauline Millward


Anton Nolan


Margaret & Barry Talbot


Lady Anne C Petty


Norman & Mary Thompson


Judith Priestley


Philip Naylor


Simon Hayley


Philip Bolton


Hilary Else


Dorothy Maguire


Dennis Ketley


Renee Ketley


Paul Ketley


Judith Maclean


Berry Longbottom


Maurice Longbottom


Audrey Greenwood


Derrick Greenwoood


Jayne L McAllister


Beverley Whitelaw


Kevin Andrew Barnes


Susan Crook


Barrie Crossley


Greta Crossley


Christine Sutcliffe


David Swarbrick


Carol Ann Swift


Marian Denton


Stuart Walker


Lewis Lumb


Sheena Grant


Colin Wilson

Kenny Hoyle


Sally Nicholson


Margaret Booth


John Stuart Calverley


Frank Booth


Vilma Ramsden


Bernard Tidswell


Donald Bradley


Hazel Bradley


Gertrude Bottomley


Margaret Worth


Gordon Peter Braithwaite


Mr & Mrs C Priestley


Connie Abbey


Mr & Mrs R Priestley


Mrs Judith Priestley


Helen Thorpe


Kenny Hoyle


Olive Hanson


Phyllis Cooper


Herbert Berry


Allan Breaks




Barbara Siswick


Philip Vernon Scully


Gaynor Stowe


Ken Barrett


Bill & Cath Whitehead


Deceased family & friends of Barrett family


Deceased family & friends of Whitehead family


Phillip Turner


John & Marjorie Lloyd


Phyllis Wiltshire


Vera Wiltshire


Terry Nutt


Harry Piggot


Maureen A Ward


Stephen Briggs


Hazel & Donald Bradley


Harold & Zena Jones

Alfred & Gertrude Bottomley

Selby Rushworth


Ted Highley


Jean Highley


Margaret Gray


Carol Egan


Derek Malcolm Parker


Anne Sedgwick


Peter Hill


Anthony White


Derreck Mitchell


Alice Mitchell


Lesley Stead


Margaret Oates


John Oates


Douglas Wood


Lily Fern


Arthur Fern


Cilla Topliss


Ernest Topliss


Someone who no longer has a family


Teresa Tess Jones


David Clarke


Valerie Smith


Colin Parkinson


Hazel & Douglas


William Dixon


Janos Morocz


Julie Morocz














Ernest Perfect


Mavis Perks


Lily Richardson


William Banks Richardson


Hugh Duckworth


Alice Mitchell


Elsie Hooson


Joyce Ryan


Frank Ryan


Joe Ryan


John Ryan


Tom Ryan


Kathleen Doherty


Sybil Hickford


Colin Everard


Helga Everard


Alan Jones


Patricia Jones

Raymond Howard


John William Thorpe


John Thorpe


Mary Warden


Doreen Armitage


Wendy Lowe


Cyril Windle


Mary Windle


Harold Greenwood


Winnie Greenwood


Elizabeth Hartley


Jessie Hartley


Arthur Hartley


Sheila Hartley


Fred Hartley


John Cook


Claire Bailey-Hartley


James Kenneth Wade


Dougie Wood


Brian Stocking


Roy & Maureen Sadler


Adrian & Christoper Sadler


Geoffrey King


Brian Doughty


Margaret Driver


Nicholas Harris


Anthony Shepherd


Betty Brooks


Dorothy Horton


Douglas Horton


David Wilson


Alex Murchie


Shirley Whitehead


Annabel Costello


Paul Blamires


Ric Taylor


Rob Bedell

Ken Hills

The Hood family


The Leach family


Ken Ranton


Ted Shevlin


Marjorie Neal


Malcolm Tordoff (Billy)


Siobhan Broadhead


Rod Woodward


Heather Cameron


Ann Bolton

I miss you but I know I am so very lucky to have had you in my life. Rest in peace my beautiful friend x

Darren Mitchell

First Christmas without you. 8 long months without you, I miss you more each day. I love you endlessly, forever in my heart! Rest in peace Dad xx

Colin, Fran & Chris Flaherty

Loved always and missed forever. Hope you’re all in heaven bursting with pride watching over the family, not a day goes by your not thought about x

Stephen Simpson

Bro it’s still hard to believe you’re not here, will always love and miss you, always in my heart. XXX

Margaret Simpson

Time has passed, but you’re never forgotten, love and miss you. XXX

Bryan Simpson

Dad it’s been a while since you left us, but will always love and miss you, always in my heart. XXX

Norah Bates

Missing you so much Mum - you were the best. Lots of love always X

Bill Bates

Missing you so much Dad - you were the best. Lots of love always X

Eva Mary Marsh

Missing you so much Auntie - you were the best. Lots of love always X

Doreen and Fred Shepherd

Mumm and Dad - miss you both lots.

Geoffrey Horsman

Our first Christmas without you but you’ll be in all our thoughts. Love from Laura, Jimmy, Lucy and Alfie x

Elaine Mantle

In Loving Memory of Elaine.

Noleen Gill

A wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother who is sadly missed xx

Linda Susan Brook

Mum you are my life, such an inspiration and role model. You mean everything to me I love you and miss you but you are in my thoughts every day and night and heart always xxxxx

Darren Mitchell

In loving memory of my son Darren on this first Christmas since you left us. I just want to hug you again and hear your loud raucous laugh one more time. Love and miss you forever

Carmine Ruta

Last night you came to see me when the darkness had no light, you stepped into my room and I felt your spirit bright. You told me you were happy and removed from earthly pain. All my love & hugs dad

Michael O’Connell

Remembering you at one f your favourite times of the year. Miss you Geraldine Eve and Niall

My Dear Jude

Miss you every day, love you millions love always Jackie x x x ❤️

Doreen & Terry Carroll - loving Mum, Dad, Grandma and Grandad

Together again for Christmas. You are both in our thoughts everyday. We love you and we miss you xxx Love all the family xxx

Peggy & Jerry O’Leary - loving Mum, Dad, Grandma and Grandad

You are both in our thoughts everyday. We love and miss you xxx Love Garry, Rosemary and Clare xxx

Peter Perham

A great man. Kind, loving and generous. Missed every day over the last nine years by those who loved him. But I was blessed to call him my Dad. Love always, Tracy and Mum xxx

Gill Fletcher

Thank you for our life together

Joyce Hitchen

God bless you

Allan Hitchen

God bless you

Eileen Bingham

A truly loving wife to Walter, an amazing mum to Chris and Sharon, mother in law to Tammy, the best Nanna to Shona, Max, Benjamin and Jessica and Great Nan to Oskar . Until we meet again xxx

Robert Hillman

I wish we could make more memories. But I’m thankful for the ones that we did get to make together. Love you always and forever. Alison xxx

Allen Aitchison


Ellen & Herbert Hamer

Max & Thomas Aitchison

Trevor Allan


Derrick Thornton


Albert & Elsie Yates


Jack Yates


Emma & Teddy Banks


Hilda Tommy Mycock


Sheena Grant


Colin Wilson


Kenny Hoyle

Ossie Bernard


Trevor Binns


Bernadette Hartley


Harold & Zelda Jones


Alfred & Gertrude Bottomley


Connie Abbey


Mr & Mrs R Priestley


Mrs Judith Priestley


Marie Lister


Jack Brassil & family


Philomena Kent


Rosie Finnegan


McCartney family


Helen Freeman


Alex Murchie


Shirley Whitehead


Shirley Whithead


Eric Callighan


Charles Chadwick


Wasyl & Maria Demkiw


Wilfred Berry


Eileen Hartley


Alf Hartley


Sam Clegg


Fred & Lucy Brierley


Brian Farrar


John Wilson


John Wilson


Gill Wood


Kath Smith & Margery Derbyshire


Janice Cooper


Gordon Bagshaw


Peter Gallagher


Margaret Gallagher


Geoffrey Collins


Ian M Cole


David A Cope


Lavina Margaret Reynolds


Grace & Arthur Coates


Jim & Margaret Parkin


Kathy Daveney


Renee Grime


Kevin Anthony Doherty


Anita Squire


Ian Gill


Alison Lambert


Sally Lee


Wilma Ramsden


Rosemary Miller


Lesley Miller


Stanley Stott


Edna Stott


Steven Stott


Gary Stott


Peter Wade


Nicholas Wade


Sylvia Roberts


Phillip Gornal


Steven Grundy


Jack Grundy


Alice Grundy


Kathleen Haggis


Cyril Hall


John Ian Halstead


Alan Webster


Oliver Hand


Mary Gibbons


Jane Hand


Fr Leonard


John Damion Harris


Michele Harris


David Harnett


John Moore


Mary Beswick


Sadie Ann Jones


Cayleigh Ann Steele


Rod Smith


Jennifer Heap


Michael Heptinstall


John Allen


Susan Anne Hirst


Catherine Sutcliffe


Brenda Holden


Arnold & Joan Canning


William & Monica Houlker


Edna Hallowell


Gillian Claire Cooke


David Mallinder


Sylvia Roberts


Louis Hartley


Philip Gornall


Kevin Butterfield


Richard Malone


Michelle Mathers


Mum, David & David


Family & friends


Jim Mitchell


Tony Mason


Joseph Jackson


Nellie Jackson


Eric McFarland


Marjorie McFarland


Joan Mawe (Senior)


Jean Agus


Ivy May and Frank Scott


Maureen Beevers


Sheila Field


Lee James Coulter


Nora Winifred Nelson


Peter Vincent Smith


Mary Ryan


Kathleen Sapagous


Nickalaus Sapagous


Thelma Peel


Robert Peel


Paula Batty


John Barley


Marian Cush


Terry Cush


Joan & Bernard Peaker


John Earnshaw


Judith Brearley


Judith Priestley


Nana Mary


Clive Redfearn


David Robinson


Cecil Rhodes


Kathleen Rhodes

Alan Simpson


Doreen Watson


Melanie Watson


Tommy McCormack


Carol Byrne


Thomas Mallinson


Muriel Mallinson


Sharon Mallinson

Christine Youell (nee Mallinson)


Kate Parrett


Brian Sington


Eva Cheater


Ernest Cheater


Craig James Smith


Matthew & Mavis Tumelty


David Robinson & Doris Sykes

Debbie & Michael Larner


Tony Stubbington


Norman Pinnington


Kathleen Pinnington


Fred & Charlotte Pinder


Harold & Linda Tempes


Shirley Joyce Eastwood


The Mounsey & Valentine families


Joyce Green


Arthur Nicholl


Noel Wainwright


Brenda Walsh


Frank Leitch


Victor Smythe


Edith Clegg


Amy Cresswell


Annie Wetherell


Julie Ingle


Tony Whitwell


Philip Smith


Dorothy Smith




Shirley & George Holt


Kathy Hughes

Lucia Wright


Jean Muir


Ann Nash

Paddy Nash


Joyce Robinson


Trevor Coooke


John T Thornton


Jennifer Lister


Michael Green


Linda Williamson


Michael Buckley


Mandy Buckley


Lily Crossley


Eddie Crossley


Margaret Smith

Jack Smith


Ann O'Donnell


Ilmars Hans


Elsie Hans


Alnis Hans


June Dann


Anita Butterworth


Simone Marshall

Fond memories of Simone partner to my son Darren. They loved and supported each other and now they are both gone, hope they are reunited and having fun together

Doreen and Kevin Donnelly

Remembering a dearly missed Mum, Dad, Grandma and Grandad, love from Karen, Martin, Matthew and Michael xxxx

Winifred Holroyd

Together again

Dennis R Holroyd

Together again

Geoffrey Newton

Loved you then, love you still Always have always will Miss you everyday Your Pat xxxx

Geoffrey Newton

Always missed, a dearly loved Husband,Dad Brother, Uncle and friend . In our hearts always xxxx

Charnock & Doris Wood

To a wonderful Mum & Dad. Miss and Love you both so very much. Xxxx

Trevor Cooke

Love ❤️ always.xxxxxxxxx

Rachel Smith

Miss you always sweetheart. So proud of Laura and Sam, they run me ragged but we have baby Arthur and baby Teddy in January you would love and have so much fun with them, will keep you updated, Ean x

Steph Hull

My beautiful wife and fabulous sister, daughter, auntie and friend we miss you every day, you will always and forever be in our hearts and you still guide us moving forward We love you x

Edith Sharp

Wonderful Mum. Gone but never forgotten x

Philip Eccles

Our little brother very much missed now with his best bud Chris xx


Our wonderful husband & dad. Resting in eternal peace with his best mate Phil xx

Jenny Seaman

Dear Jenny, you were a lovely friend and we had good times together. I miss you lots. Love Debbie xxx

David Swainston

My darling Dave you was the light of my life and i miss you every day. My love for you will never fade or end my love. Til we meet again all my love always ,your loving wife Pam xxxx

George Henry Phipps

Love and miss you everyday Dad ❤️ xx love from Michelle and Steve xxxx

Irene McParland

Loving mum and grandma. Missed every day x

Mary Leaning

Always in our thoughts xxxx

Charlotte and John Leaning

With love always xxxx

Charlotte and John Sykes

With all our love xxxx

Mathew Machen

Always in our hearts xxxx

John Coldwell

Love always xxxx

Kelly Johnson

Another year without you, my good friend. Lots of love xxx

Jim and Christine Armstrong

Happy Christmas mum and dad - in our thoughts now and always xx

Thelma Bowe

Our lovely mom. Always missed. Always loved. R.I.P Hope to see you in heaven someday. Deborah & Nigel

Margaret Halliday

My sweet Aunty Marg... miss you lots. R.I.P. Deborah

Rodney Howard

Miss you at Christmas time and throughout the year. Love always, Yvonne, Lisa and family, Joanne and family. X

Pauline Spencer

Thinking about you at this special time of year. All our love, Yvonne, Lisa and family, Joanne and family. X

Marlene and Albert Binns

Thinking about you both at this special time of year. All our love Yvonne, Lisa and family, Joanne and family.

Karen, a beautiful sister and loving Auntie.

We love and miss you lots. Nikki and Oliver xxx

Karen Eastwood

Remembering a wonderful, courageous and loving daughter who we lost on 20 June 2023.

Michael Coneron

In Loving Memory of a Dear Husband, Dad, & Grandad. We are facing our 1st Christmas without you. You are In our Hearts and forever Loved and missed. Ann, Sean, Darren, Justine & Grandchildren xxx

Ann Holland

We miss you so much everyday. Our first Christmas without you.

Rodney Hirst Howard

Loved and missed always We love you Lisa Mark Joshua & Ethan xx

Ronnie Jackson

In our thoughts at Xmas Yvonne & family xx

Barbara Jackson

In our thoughts at Xmas Yvonne & family xx

Doris Fatherly


Michael Fatherley

Hannah Heeley

Sandra Spencer


Claire Titheridge

Phillip Hamer


Rachel Newbould


Simon Benett


Michael Galvin


John Keighley


Beryl Donavan


Joe Donavan


Rachel Davis


Winnie Donovan


Jean Oates


Joan Wright


Derek Wright


Jennifer Wilson


Ada Leek


Peter A Leek


Rene Wilkinson


Eric Hamshaw


Lilly Rossee


Roy Wilkinson


Jean Wilkinson


Adrian Willey


Annie Wetherell


Oswald Wetherell


Ida Jowett


Frank Jowett


John T Thornton


Alan Simpson


Lilian Lewis


Theresa Wills


Patricia Jones


John Swallow


John Shepherd


Dorothy Shepherd


Margaret Perez Rodriguez


Nigel Wilson


Pauline Hewson


Gordon Priestley


David Priestley


Emily Greenwood


Michael Greenwood

Jack & Gail Pickles


Bev & Suzanne


Brian Jowett Pearson


Ann Thornton


Christine Richardson


Richard Mark Moore


Marion Mills


Tony Mason


Brian & Christine Madden


Peter Lowe


Michael Lowe


Gladys Lowe


Jackie Knowles


Peter Kennedy


Keith Whippey


Ian Whippey


Hughie Kennedy


Michael Kennedy

Agnes Jackson


Graham Hulme


David Oldfield


Eric Holroyd


Peter Hipwell


Doreen Priestley


Pamela Margaret Henry


Gerald Martin


Keith Hartley


Elsie Nicholls


Jack Nicholls


Barry Hanson


Richard Bradley


Sarah Deacon


Garry Grunwell


Neville Marney


Robert Graham


Darren Gibson


Michelle Crabtree


Roy Gibbs


Geoffrey Garside


John Earnshaw


James Waterworth


Jean Lumb


Barbara Roper (nee Earnshaw)


Phil Eastwood


Brian Culpan


William Nutall


Hilda Nutall


Roman Chajda


Michael O'Connell


Mum & Dad of Maria Fenton




Aunty Mary


Margaret Grange


John Christie


Margaret Burton


Richard Haywood


Sandra Helen Brennan


Michael John Butler


Sheila Braithwaite


Sheila Braithwaite


Alison Bannerman


David Berry


Emily Jackson


Denis Jackson


Kevin Jackson

Fred Bolt


Elaine Bentley


Maryke Deahl


Matthew Stephenson


Eddie Barker


Hedley Helliwell

Loved Dad, Grandad, Uncle and friend to many

Ann Walters

Merry Christmas mum / grandma / Great grandma We love and miss you so much . We know u will be with us ❣️ Lots of love Kimberley,Chloe,Erin,Riley&Hudson ❤️

Gordon Barlow

Remembering a much loved husband, Dad and Grandad From Betty, Philip and Abbie xx

James Thomas Moorhouse

Remembering our lovely Dad and Grandad Love from Paula, mick and Abbie xx

Kathleen Moorhouse

Remembering our lovely mum and grandma Love from Paula,mick and Abbie xx

Linda Strafford

The most wonderful, kind and caring Mum and Grandma. Missed and Loved always, Emily, Ed, Tilly and George xxxx

Kate Perrett

Loving memory of a dear mum & nana, missing you always especially at this time of year, always in our thoughts never forgotten often spoke about lots of love always Hayley, Tim, Ronnie & Frankie xxxx

David Dutson

To our much loved and missed husband, father and grandad, forever missed, rest easy my love till we meet again. Xxx

Stuart Turley

Instead of filling Darrell Hagreen’s pockets, I’d rather donate to Overgate.


Miss you lots, big hugs and kisses Becks & the beasties xxxx

Andy O’Shaughnessy

Andy, you certainly lit up our lives. Keep shining, we will love you forever xxx

Georgina Thompson

My wonderful sister aged 67 , taken much too early last December . Still missed by all the family , a super mum, grandmother, sister and sister in law . Love you always . George .

Lucy Mansfield

In loving memory of Nanna Mansfield x x x

Judith Kershaw

Love & miss you every single day ❤️ my love always Linden x x

Auntie Ju Ju

To the best Auntie ever miss you each & every day love Samantha & Natalie x x x ❤️

Judith Kershaw

Merry Christmas 🎄 Angel Love & Best wishes Auntie Joy

Charnock and Doris Wood

Always in our hearts and always loved. We miss you both so very much xxxxxxxxx❤️💙

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