Sky Dive
Ongoing Event AT Hibaldstow Airfield, Redbourne Rd, Hibaldstow DN20 9NN
Price: £49.00

Are you brave enough to take on the ultimate challenge for Overgate? You will jump from a height of 15,000ft, free falling for 60 seconds and reaching speeds of up to 120mph! Your skydive challenge can take place on one of the dates listed below or any other date that suits you - just get in touch to arrange!

A tandem skydive allows you to enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled freefall harnessed to the front of a BPA-qualified instructor and you simply need a short 20 minute briefing beforehand as it is the instructor who opens and lands the parachute.

The skydive will take place at:
Hibaldstow Airfield, Redbourne Rd, Hibaldstow DN20 9NN


You can request an ad hoc date for 2021
Friday 11th March 2022
Saturday 2nd July 2022
Saturday 17th Sept 2022

It will be the most exhilirating experience of your life!



Registration Fee - £49
Minimum Sponsorship - £400

Please note minimum age is 16 (under 18s require parental consent on the day) and maximum weight to jump is 15 stone.

To book your sky dive click the button below!

For more information please contact the Fundraising Team on 01422 387121 or email us.

60 second freefall
120 mph
T-Shirt Included
£49 Deposit