Rainbow of Ribbons

Welcome to our Rainbow of Ribbons virtual garden. You are invited to dedicate a coloured ribbon in memory of your loved one below. Your dedications mean so much to us here at the Hospice and we hope you can help us bring some colour to our community this Spring as a special tribute to those you love and miss.
You will receive a dedication pack in the post which will include your colourful ribbon and tag to display in your own meaningful place.

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A dedication to

All those who have sadly lost their lives over the past year

Mary Moo

Love you miss you mom from Micheala. David Chantelle. Arran. Madison. Harley. Scarlett. Cole. Ben. Chloe. Xxxxxx

John Thomson

I can’t believe it’s over a year since you left us dad. We miss you so much and I think of you every day xx love always Lynne David Charlotte James and Olivia Reggie and Toby xxxxx

Micheal Rangeley

You have gone but we will never forget you.We miss you so much and love you even more. You are always in our hearts love Jackie,Kelly,Joshua and Helena xxxxx

Nathan Gunter

Miss and love you,will never forget you. love Richard

Michael Redman

The most wonderful Dad and Grandad. Forever in our hearts and missed dearly. Everyday you inspire us to live and love life to the full. Love always x x x

Anthony Miss Womersley

Love ❤️ you Pops, Dad, Grandad, Great Grandad xxxx

Jacqueline Womersley

Love ❤️ you Mum Mammy Grandma Great Grandma xxxxx

Alan Codling

Love ❤️ you Dad Grandad Great Grandad xxxx

Kathleen Womersley

Love ❤️ you Mum, Gran, Great Gran xxxx


I can’t believe it’s almost a year since you passed away. You are missed so much and remembered fondly every single day. Love Kerry xx

Lucy Ashton

We all miss you so much especially your little boy Oscar. Cancer took you from us far too soon and left a void that cannot be filled. You are missed daily and constantly remembered fondly. Love Carole, Iain, Oscar, Kerry, Vicky, Adam, Harry & Hallie xx

Marilyn Gardner

Missing you every second,of every minute of every hour of every day. Love you so much mumma bear xxxxxxx

Katie Gillespie

To Andy Gillespie. Forever in our hearts and always on our mind. We love you. Lots of Love, Andrea and Katie.

Jean Ambrose

In memory of mummy. We miss you. xxx

John Bratchell

Still miss you every day. We know you are watching us, resting in peace

Sheila Sheppard

The past three years without you my sweetheart have been filled with such heart ache and sadness. Thankfully the 48 years of happy marriage and the beautiful memories we created together have helped me survive without you. My love for you will never die. Paul xxx

Harold and Nellie Jowett

We all miss you and will never forget you.

Andrew Hill

We miss you and will never forget you

Susan Bower

Forever in our hearts. Miss you Mum x

Barry Wright

You were not only my love but also my best friend for 55 years. Rest in peace. Love from Sylvia

John Cunningham

Still missing you loads love Anne x. Always in our thoughts miss you loads love sue, shell, paul, marie and Julie x

John Cunningham

Hi popsy we all still miss you like mad hope we are making you proud love you always and forever you grandchildren and great grandchildren xx

Michael O’Connell

My husband Michael was looked after with great care by the amazing Overgate staff in 2019

Michael Buckley

Miss you x

Mandy Buckley

Love you sweetie x

Christine bull

No longer by my side but forever in my heart love and miss you every single day. Joanne Ross jack xx

Grandma Jenny

To my wonderful, amazing, kind, generous and caring Grandma who we all miss and love so much. Forever in our minds and hearts x

Darren Featherstone

My darling Daz forever in my heart

Shirley Buckley

I so fortunate to have known you and enjoyed your love for so long. We thought we may have longer together, but alas it was not to be. Days now are a bit of a trial at times, but I cling to the memories which is a help. God bless you my dear, I love you.

David Rogers

Thinking about you always, sadly missed by all the family. Love from Pam

Susan Bower

Miss my best sister every single day. Forever in our hearts, from Mark and Billie x

Walter Walker

The last year has been so hard without you but the memory of you will live on ,love and miss you always love Claire xxx

Kenny Milner

Loving memories of my 'Little Bro' Kenny Milner. ❤❤

Liza Pickles (Pezerovic)

Fond memories of a lovely colleague Liza. Love Linda x

Peter Alway

For Peter, my big brother, died 16th March 2016. Missing you more than I can say. Love always, Alyson & Dave xxx

Anthony Barnes

For Barney. We miss you so much.


You should be here, we miss you so much .... Love Mandy, Donna, Gemma, Christopher xXxX


Fly high precious angel, miss and love you very much..


Fly high precious angel love you Always x x x x

Nana & Grandad

Always in our hearts Love and Miss you x x


Miss you my matey x

Elaine Sandra Jones

Remembering Mum/ Kit Kat, it will be one year on the 4th July since you left us. Much love Catherine & Autumn xxxxxx

Elaine S Jones

Remembering my dear sister Elaine, one year on the 4th of July since you passed. Much love, sister Christine xxxxx

Elaine Sandra Jones

Remembering my dear Aunt, who sadly left us a year ago on the 4th of July. Much love, your niece Sandra & Neil xxxxxx

Grandad Quigley

Our memories will live on of you forever, miss you always xXx

Ian Gill

From Anne , Rachel, Holly and Rory

Rosie Brown

My Rosie Brown, all of twelve long years since I held you in my arms, my mind and actions are forever filled with your presence XXX.

Derek Bates

Love and miss you with all my heart.

Jenny Nicholl

In memory of my mum, who passed away on the 11th of April 2021. Love you, rest peacefully xx

Pauline Clowes

Still miss you , in my thoughts everyday.X

Lorna Martin

In memory of my mum, 16 years of missing you. Ps I get told I look like you allllll the time x

Mavis Martin

In memory of my lovely little grandma, thank you for being the best. Rest in paradise x

Charlie O'Reilly

We think about you often, miss you massively and love you always

William McNamara (husband)

Love and missed dearly

Billy Mc (Dad, Grandad and G Grandad)

Love and missed by us all but always in our thoughts x

Doreen & Fred Shepherd

Love and miss you Mum and Dad xx

Colin walker

We love and miss you every day. We thank the palliative team here at overgate for there love and support also. Forever in our hearts Cj. Jayne, claire and Ciaran xxxxx

David Bowen

Remembering a wonderful Dad and Grandad - we think of you, your wise words and smile, every day X 

Christine Bull

Grandma the world isn't the same without you, we miss you every day and until we meet again all of our love Georgia Simon Freddie Charlie and Rüdi xxxx

Catherine Whiteley

Valerie Abel

Hazel Whittell

Mavis Whittlestone

Peggy Williamson

Phyllis Wolfenden

Lee Acklam

George Addison

William Wolfenden

Linda Ambler

Warren Armstrong

Carl Wood

Richard Asquith

Douglas Wood

May Barker

Christopher Barker

Valerie Wright

Paula Batty

Lucia Wright

Maureen Beevers

Geordie Robbie Young


Sarah Beguand


Mary Beswick

Catherine Whitehead

Liz Bick

Gerald Whitehead

Elizabeth Bick

Mary Wheeldon

Albert Binns

Harry Wheeldon

Annie Wetherell

Beryl Bird

Lucy Westwell

Jean Bland

Michael Webber

Roy Waters

Linda Bolton

Maureen A Ward

Kathleen Booth

Judith Brearley

Nikki Brewerton

Bettie Brown

Alf Brown

Averille Ward

Caroline Buckley

Maureen A Ward

Caroline Buckley

My sister

John Walker

Jeremy Walker

David Walker

Joy Callaghan

Arthur Walker

Eva Cheater

John Walker

Ernest Cheater

Eileen Mary Wainwright

John Coldwell

Eileen Mary Wainwright

Eileen Mary Wainright

Francess Conell

Yvonne Vyse

Jill Connell

Robert Uttley

Dexter James Cook

Will Uttley

William Uttley

Annabel Costello

Robert Uttley

Lee James Coulter

Evelyn Crisp

Lesley Crowther

Alison Tynan

Terry Culter

Matthew & Mavis Tumelty

Emma Topping

May Ruby Cunningham

Sally Topping

May Cunningham

To all my loved ones

Marian Cush

Helen Thorpe

Terry Cush

Ann Thornton

Sarah Thompson

Dorothy Daughtrey

Michael Thompson

Joan Delahunty

Stanley Thacker

Eric Delahunty

David Tempest

Harry Diaper

Jennifer Taylor

Margaret and Barry Talbot

Cathy Diaper

Charlotte Sykes

Doris Sykes


Winifred Dobson

Paul Sweeting

Peter Dobson

John Swallow

John Earnshaw

Joyce Sutcliffe

Wayne Eccleston

Catherine Sutcliffe

Wayne Eccleston

Linda Strafford

Doreen Ferguson

Cayleigh Ann Steele

Erika Stajic

Alec Ferguson

Jovan Stajic

Anita Squire

Pauline Spencer

Patricia Southwell

Someone who no longer has any family

Jim Smyth

Dorothy Smith

Philip Smith

Geoffrey Smith

Leyland Smith

Peter Vincent Smith

Rod Smith

Dorothy Smith

Karlis Skujins

Brian Singleton

Barry Simmons

Dorothy Shepherd

John Shepherd

Dorothy Shepherd

John Shepherd

Freddy & Doreen Shepherd

Brian Patrick Sheeky

David Sharrocks

Edith Ferneyhough

Jean Fielden

Paul Fielden

David Fleming

Robert Gibson

Linda Seeling

Alice Gibson

Geoffrey Arthur Scott

Frank and Ivy Scott

Hazel Sayer

June Sayer

Patricia Sawyer

Barbara Savage

Michael Savage

Christine Sanderson

John Ryan

Joe Ryan

Joyce Ryan

Frank Ryan

Meg Russett

Ken G Russett

Ken Russett

Derek Russett

Gladys Godfrey

Cynthia Russett

Angela Rochford

Lillian Robinson

David Robinson

George Phillip Hamer

David Robinson

Kathryn Hamilton

Margaret Rhodes

Robert Hamilton

Ronald Ralph

Tony Pye

Barry Hanson

Bev Pickles

Jennifer Mary Hardy

George Henry Phipps

Norah Perkins

Patricia Hargreaves

Amy Perkins

Patricia Hargreaves

Bernard Perkins

Bob Harris

Frederick Peel

Frank Hartley

Robert Peel

Thelma Peel

Keith Hartley

Jennifer Heap

John Heaton

Ruth Hellawell

Hazel Hellowell

Avril Henri

Pauline Hewson

Susan Anne Hirst

Brenda Holden

Rosemary Holden

Hazel Hollows

Rodney Howard

Kenny Hoyle

Phyllis Jackson

Jean Jennings

Robert Jennings

George & Doreen Jennings

Julie Jennings

Sadie Ann Jones

Teresa (Tess) Jones

Stephen Richard Jones

Ray and Wally Jones

Nellie Jordan

Maurice Jordan

Gertrude Keeton

Rennie Keeton

John Keighley

John Keighley

Edward Kerrod

Renee Ketley

Denis Ketley

Pauol Ketley

Suzanne Kettle

Roger Key

Peter Kirby

Ernest Victor Kitson

Ken Kneeshaw

Susan Langley

Debbie Larner

Maurice Lawton

Mary Leaning

Charlotte Leaning

Shirley Lees

Richard Lees

David Leese

Adrian Leese

Barbara Lengthorn

Richard Lewis

Michelle Lewis

Terry Lewis

Walter Lingard

Gene Lingard

Ann Lister

Eric Lockwood

Jessie Lockwood

John Lockwood

Mathew Machen

Ian Maddox

Ian Maddox

Ian Maddox

Ian Maddox

Ian Maddox

Milorad Maksimovic

Vida Maksimovic

Bert Marley

Lucy Marley

Stephen Marley

Evelyn Mason

Tony Mason

Danny McIntyre

Beth McNally

Vernon Merry

Ramon Midgley

Rev. P Millard

John Moore

Harold Moore

Mavis Moore

Jean Morland

Beryl Murgatroyd

Francess Neal

Derek Needham

Rachael Newbould

Kathleen Newton

Elsie Nicholls

Jack Nicholls

Anton Nolan

Eric Northend

Reg Painter

Colin Parkinson

Cinda Payne

Tom Payne

Joan Payne

Bernard Peaker

Joan Peaker

Lucy Pearson

Helen Pearson

Brian Jowett Pearson

Jean Pedley

Jeff Jenkins

My dearest Grandad, this ribbon is for you and how much I want you to know I love you. Xx Freya-Bella

Richard Holt

With lots of love dad, can’t believe it’s nearly 10 years since we saw you last. Miss you every day, lots of love from Maralyn, Steph and Jason xxxxxx

Gill Cooke

Stuart Carter

Margaret Boyle

May Connolly

Trevor Turner

Tim & Gloria Conway

Tom & Emily Conway

John & Bernadette Mitchell

Terry & Margaret Conway

Adrian Conway

Tim Mahony

Alice Elkin

Sheila Smyth

Sheila Timlin-Smyth

Joseph Patrick O'Sullivan

Richard Holt

As soon as we can we'll go back to sit on the bench with the view you loved. Sending you lots of love dad. Maralyn, Carolyn, Diz and Flo Flo. xxx PS. They're not a bit of trouble.

Denis Noble

My lovely husband, love you and miss you everyday, all my love Denise xx❤️

Linda Nolan (our lovely Mum)

Thinking of our lovely Mum on what would have been her 70th Birthday year. Wishing you were here with us and we could have a big party to celebrate. Love and miss you always xxxxx


Love you Mum from Mark & Donna x

Alex (Steeley)

Miss you Alex love from Anson, Jade, Maisie & Freya x

Uncle Donald

Our newest angel to join our heavenly family, always missed and remembered. Love from all the family x

Joan Parkinson

in remembrance of my beautiful mum Joany. I miss her and think of her every day.

Freya Lewis

My lovely Freya. You were so brave. I miss you more every day. Love you lots my beautiful angel.

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