Support a Nurse

These are unprecedented times.

As a community, we are facing uncertainty in the weeks and months ahead. As we all brace ourselves for what may come, we need you to support the nurses and medical teams in the coming weeks as they focus on ensuring our patients are shielded from the chaos outside and can spend their final moments in a calm, peaceful environment with the very best loving care.

At times like these, our homes are where we feel safe, where we batten down the hatches to weather any storm that may come. Overgate Hospice provides a home from home for the people in our care. Your help would ensure that the people of your community continue to have a safe haven where our nurses can ensure they spend their last days surrounded by their loved ones and in peace, comfort and with dignity.

By making a donation to our Support a Nurse Appeal today, you can make a difference to the lives of those who are the most vulnerable in Calderdale.

Because you care, we can. 

Support an Overgate Nurse

Read about how our nurses are feeling about continuing to care during the coronavirus crisis: