Alison Perrett

I am a Bank Healthcare Assistant at Overgate Hospice but I also work in the Calderdale Out of Hours Palliative Care Team.

I first joined the Overgate team in November 2019. I lost my mum at Overgate 15 years ago, which is why I first started working in Palliative Care; I then jumped at the opportunity to become part of the Overgate team last year.

The thing I love most about working at the Hospice is how person-centred the care is. The team here are so attentive and compassionate, we care so much about each and every individual in our care and we make sure we tailor everything we do to them, their personality and needs.

I try to make the most of every moment I spend with a patient as I feel we can make such a difference to the people we care for by just being there for them. My most memorable moment was when I simply held the hand of a patient who was dying, she didn’t have any loved ones with her but she wasn’t alone; I was there, holding her hand and letting her know she was safe.

During this time of crisis I feel even more dedicated and committed to giving the best care I can to anyone in our community who needs it – we are in this together.