As a registered charity, Overgate Hospice is able to claim Gift Aid on donations we receive. This additional money means that we will be able to support more patients and their families at the most difficult time in their lives. 

What is Gift Aid?

It is a scheme introduced by the government, which allows us as a charity to reclaim the tax that supporters have paid on their donations. For every £1 donated by a UK taxpayer, HMRC gives us an extra 25p increasing the value of donations by 25%.

Am I eligible?

If you are a UK taxpayer and have paid enough income or capital gains tax in the financial year you made your donation (April to April) to cover the amount we will reclaim, then you are eligible.

What if I’m a pensioner?

We can still claim 25p for every £1 you donate, providing you pay at least as much tax as we will be reclaiming in the year in which you made your donation. As a pensioner for example, you may still pay tax on a private pension scheme or a savings account, or pay Capital Gains tax if you sell property or shares.

I’ve already completed a declaration for another charity. Do I need to complete one for Overgate Hospice?

Yes. You will need to complete a form for us. A form must be completed for each charity you would like to benefit from Gift Aid.

I’ve already completed a declaration for goods I have donated to the Hospice's charity shops. Do I still need to complete this form for my monetary donations?

Yes please, we require a different Gift Aid form for monetary gifts.

How long does my declaration last for?

Until you tell us to remove your declaration. As long as you remain eligible, your declaration lets us reclaim past (up to 4 years), present and future donations until you tell us otherwise.

Can I make a Gift Aid declaration online?

Yes please click the button below to make your Gift Aid declaration.

What should I do if I move house or change my name?

Please let us know if any of your circumstances change so that we can keep our records up to date.

What if I stop paying tax?

Please contact us by post at the address below, by email or call 01422 387121 and tell us that you no longer wish us to claim gift aid on your donations.

I’m not a tax payer. What should I do?

Please complete the Gift Aid Declaration form by clicking here and tick the box to state you are not eligible for Gift Aid.

Make a Gift Aid Declaration