As told by his son, Marcus

 When my Dad was admitted into Overgate in 2012, we didn’t know what to expect as we had never been in a hospice before. But from the moment we walked through reception we felt welcome – the nurses, the kitchen staff and the ladies behind reception were all incredibly supportive to us but also to Dad. We were put at ease that he wasn’t left alone with his own thoughts and there was always a nurse on hand to make him laugh!
He certainly kept the staff busy during his time at Overgate. He was incredibly proud of himself one night when he attempted a midnight escape, managing to climb over the end of his bed without setting off the alarm and making it all the way to the bathroom before being caught in the act – he thought it was a great adventure! The kitchen staff were more than willing to cater to his culinary needs, especially when all he wanted was a treacle sandwich! We all laughed when he was given a special cup to help him to have a drink without spilling but he somehow still managed to spill it.
Nurse Ian was tasked with supervising shower time for Dad but my Dad was not keen on this and always made sure that Ian was behind the curtain and facing the other way. All of his needs were taken care of. Another nurse Bev would cut his toenails for him and he loved the banter that they had together.
During his final days, every member of staff was there to support each individual member of our family and always had a kind word and a waterproof shoulder.
The Hospice will always hold a special place in our hearts. We are so grateful for the amazing care they provided for Dad and the support the whole family received during, but also after his time at Overgate. We will always support this wonderful place so they can be there for other people just like my Dad.

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