Lynne's Story

Lynne talks about her connection with Overgate

Overgate Hospice will always hold a special place in my heart, and that of our entire family. It is especially important to me as it is where my first daughter, Samantha, was christened.

My mother-in-law Sylvia was being cared for in the Hospice as she was suffering from cancer. As her health deteriorated, we discussed her final wishes and she was desperate to see her only grandchild christened before she died. Sylvia’s health meant that the only way to make this happen was for us to hold the christening at the Hospice. The staff went above and beyond to help us make plans and we were delighted to hold Samantha’s christening at Overgate on 20th February 1991.

We took a special outfit in for Sylvia and the nurses helped her to get ready for the occasion, helping her with her hair and make-up. The vicar from our local church, who had also married my husband and I, came to perform the service which was held in the small chapel that used to be on the ground floor of the old building. One of the godparents was a close friend of mine, Karen, who has since become a nurse at the Hospice.

Sylvia died peacefully a few days later and we knew that being able to see Samantha christened meant the world to her. Samantha is now 30 and I still look back on that day with fond memories and remember being able to spend the day celebrating as a family despite the difficult circumstances. We’ll always be grateful to the Hospice for the care that Sylvia received and for helping us to grant her final wish.

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