Mary's Story

Mary started volunteering at Overgate in 2008

I have had a connection with Overgate Hospice for many years as my twin sister, Liz, was a Sister at in the Day Hospice for 30 years but my own Overgate story began in 2008 when I joined the Hospice as a volunteer.

I had been working as a Careers Advisor at Huddersfield University but as I left this role, I was looking for a new challenge. I initially started volunteering on the Hospice reception, welcoming visitors and staff to the building, but I had a keen interest in joining the team of volunteer counsellors. I had done some training in counselling as part of my Careers Advisor role and had always enjoyed providing one to one guidance, so I enquired with the Hospice’s psychotherapist Marica, how to go about this.

Marica supported me to complete my Diploma in Counselling at Calderdale College and I have been supporting patients and their families at the Hospice ever since.

It is such a rewarding experience to meet a recently bereaved client who is struggling with their grief, sometimes unable to talk, to then see them at the end of their counselling journey, and see the difference that this has made to them.

I really enjoy being part of the Overgate family, even when constantly mistaken for my sister, and asked why I don’t have my nurses uniform on, and I am so pleased to be here to celebrate this wonderful milestone.

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