In 2007, I was approached by Overgate Hospice to join a new group of local business people who would help the Hospice gain and grow the support they received from local businesses. Having lived in Halifax my whole life I was aware of Overgate and the work they do and was honoured to have been asked to help.

Not long after this group was formed, I spoke to the team at the Hospice about setting up a new fundraising event; a Sportman’s Dinner. Together, with help from John Pickles, Les Lawson and Ian Firth, we held our first event in 2008 joined by our guest speaker, footballer Steve Daley. The night was a huge success, raising £8,460 to support the Hospice.

The Sporting Dinner has since become a regular fixture on the Hospice’s events calendar, and we have had some incredible speakers over the years. My personal favourite was Paul Merson who captivated our guests with his incredibly honest stories of his footballing career and personal life. Since the first year, the Sporting Dinner has raised over £250,000.

In recent years, I have stepped away from leading the Sporting Dinner but have continued to support the Hospice in other ways. I am part of the organising committee for the large annual music festival, Brodstock, which raises money for Overgate, and I continue to act as an Ambassador.

As the years have gone on, I speak to more and more people who have been personally affected by the work of the Hospice and I feel incredibly proud to know that I have played a small part in ensuring that this care was there for these people when they needed it.

I  know that as I get older, I will know an increasing number of people who use this vital service and this makes me more committed than ever to continue to support the Hospice to ensure that it is here for the Calderdale community for the next 40 years. I hope you can join me.

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