I first got involved with Overgate through the Rotary Club of Sowerby Bridge in early 2014. I was the Community Convenor and, therefore, the primary contact between the Rotary Club and Overgate. The first event we supported was the annual Garden Party in 2014 and I’ve been involved with every Garden Party since, not only as a member of the Rotary Club but as a local business owner too. My company, Bluebird Care, have sponsored the Garden Party and provided support at other events like the Colour Run too. Our Care Assistants have also organised local fundraisers for the Hospice.

One year my 6-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter came along to the Garden Party while I was volunteering. I took advantage of the Rotarians for childcare, and they spent some time on the Rotary Pig Race. After some time, they both came to me perplexed and a bit upset. They couldn’t understand why they gave two pounds to the Pig Race and got nothing back (their pigs didn’t win, so they didn’t get a prize). They kept saying, but we gave them money, and we got nothing back! Other than this hiccup they had a great time; the Garden Party is such a fun family event, and it’s a fun way to support such a worthwhile local cause.

Many people I know have spent their last days at Overgate. One member of the Rotary Club spent the last two weeks of his life at the Hospice and I visited him every other day during those weeks. I saw how caring and compassionate the staff were with him and others and it made me proud to support them. Overgate is a fantastic organisation and an excellent asset for Calderdale.

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