Overgate has been, and still is, a huge part of my life.

I first came to Overgate on a hot sunny afternoon in May 1989. I had arrived early for my interview and was met in the hallway of the old house by one of the housekeepers; she made me welcome and went off to find the matron.

I loved the place right from that first moment and was delighted to join the Hospice as a Staff Nurse on the 2nd July 1989. At that time, the Hospice only had 8 beds and a very small team of staff and volunteers. I knew every member of staff and every volunteer personally, often socialising, laughing, and crying together; it felt very much like a family. We also developed very warm relationships with our patients and their loved ones, who quite often stayed with us for prolonged periods. It was wonderful to be able to nurse patients in such a loving, supportive environment - ‘the way nursing should be done’. It was so different to my experiences on a busy hospital ward. 

In 2002, I was working as a Sister on the Inpatient Unit at Overgate as well as looking after my sick husband and young son. As this became increasingly difficult, I made the temporary move into an office-based role, supporting the Hospice’s audit processes. Nearly 20 years later, I am still in this role, gathering feedback, monitoring activity including accidents and incidents and helping to shape the care we provide for the good of our patients.

Over the last 32 years, I have watched the Hospice grow and flourish; it bears little resemblance now to the small place it used to be, but the warmth, laughter and caring atmosphere are still here.

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