My name is Sylvia and I have volunteered at the Overgate shop in Ovenden ever since it opened over 25 years ago. It was my good friend Agnes Berry that had the idea to open a shop in the area, and we initially co-managed the shop as volunteers, with my husband Barry volunteering as Treasurer.

As well as making really good friends, meeting interesting people (and getting a completely new wardrobe!), I have gotten to know the Hospice well, which is great because it places me in better stead to spread the word about the great work that they do. Last year I experienced their care first-hand when Barry fell ill unexpectedly, just before lockdown began. He needed specialist care and we knew that the Hospice was the right place for him to be in his final days. People are often a little fearful of hospices, but it’s not a scary place at all, quite the opposite in fact, and the team at Overgate were just fantastic.

After a difficult year I was grateful to return to volunteering at the shop. Even after 25 years I still enjoy it and it gives me a great reason to get up in the morning. That we are celebrating 40 years of the Hospice is amazing. I can’t think where the years have gone! The extent to which their services have expanded is incredible, and that in turn has meant that so many more people across the community have got involved and formed a connection with Overgate. I will always be proud to support them.

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