Key Contacts

Our Board of Trustees are a group of volunteers who take overall responsibility for the Hospice and act collectively to govern it. On a day-to-day basis, our Chief Executive and Senior Leadership Team run the charity; however, our Trustees are ultimately responsible in law for the Hospice, its assets and activities. Our Trustees are appointed because their experience and skills enable them to take on the responsibilities of the Hospice, and are committed to helping us achieve our vision.
Chair of Board of Trustees - Catherine Riley
Chief Executive - Alison Harwood
Clinical Services Director - Tracey Wilcocks
Medical Director - Rachel Sheils
Director of Income Generation - Laura Golding
Director of Finance - Karen Crowther

Current Trustees

Victoria Atkinson -Treasurer
Victoria Pickles - Vice Chair
Dr Naomi Chapman
Anne Cawdron
Graeme Charnock
Judith Crowther
Jonathan Driscoll
Chris Dunne
Helen Marshall
Steve Scott
Jodie Wielgus
Sal Uka

Overgate Hospice Support (Retail) Trustees

Richard Goodwin

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