Autumn Newsletter: Drop-In

Friday 25 Oct 2019
At Overgate we often hear how when a person receives the devastating news of a terminal diagnosis they have nowhere to turn. They are told no more treatment is available and they can only be offered ‘Best Supportive Care’. They often have unanswered questions, anxiety and require emotional support.

In January 2018 we launched our Drop-In service to provide all of this at a time when our local community need it most.

Our Drop-In service is open to anyone living in Calderdale who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Since launching, the service has expanded from one half day session each week to a full day each week due to demand and we have had over 1,500 attendances. We have seen a wide range of people accessing the service from people who have just received a diagnosis, to people considering where they would like to spend their final days, to families needing additional support. We have received some amazing feedback from attendees with some saying that they had previously been wary of visiting the Hospice as they felt it was only a place to go to die however after attending Drop In their fears and anxieties were reduced.

Your continued support ensures that we can continue to adapt our services to suit the needs of the Calderdale community. Thanks to you, our doors are now open to more people facing this distressing time.