Healthwatch Calderdale call for respondents

Saturday 15 Jan 2022
Healthwatch Calderdale host feedback survey for Overgate Hospice
Healthwatch Calderdale have launched a survey which aims to find out what people currently know about Overgate Hospice. They are also looking to understand more about how the hospice is working for the people who use it.
We contacted Healthwatch Calderdale asking if they could support them to gather feedback. The feedback will help us get a better understanding of what local people think the Hospice does and can offer so we can improve how they raise awareness and spread the word about how we help patients and families in Calderdale.
Tracey Wilcocks, Clinical Director at Overgate said; ‘As Calderdale’s only adult hospice we are here to care for our community, and it is important that our services are shaped by our community. If you could spare five minutes to complete the survey we would be ever so grateful. We would also like to express our thanks to Healthwatch Calderdale for their support in gathering your feedback.
It’s important that feedback is gathered from a wide range of people including members of the public, patients, and family members who are using or have used the Hospice. By working in partnership they can help us reach more people. Healthwatch Calderdale are an independent organisation so people can be comfortable that their views are coming directly to them and will remain anonymous.

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