Local Business Hero funds Christmas Day

Thursday 23 Dec 2021
Laurence in the garden with staff and volunteers
Local Chartered Financial Planner and Advising Partner Laurence Turner of IFT Wealth Management in Halifax has given Overgate Hospice an incredibly generous gift of £10,000 to fund the cost of care on Christmas Day.  
Laurence has supported the Hospice for many years and has made significant donations which have helped the Hospice to provide vital care for their patients. He regularly sponsors their fundraising events such as the Yorkshire Peaks Challenge, Garden Party, Mountain Bike Challenge and many more. Sponsorships are one of the main ways that help bring income into the Hospice and without this support their events wouldn’t happen. Laurence is such a Hospice Hero that he is even featured in their ’40 Faces of Overgate’ campaign, celebrating the Hospice’s 40th anniversary with stories from the people that have made Overgate who they are since 1981. But Laurence isn’t just an Overgate Hero, he is also a dedicated volunteer for the White Knights Blood Bikes charity and delivers urgent blood to people across Calderdale to help his local community.
Laurence said: “We have built a successful business over the years with help and support from the local community. We are very grateful for this support, and we believe that it is right that we should give back to the community that has supported us and our growth. We have been a supporter of Overgate for many years now and the request for help in funding the care provided on Christmas Day seemed a wonderful opportunity for us to help a little more on this very special day of the year. We feel that the inspiring work which is done every day at Overgate Hospice is truly worthy of our support and we look forward to being able to assist the hospice further well into the future.”
Halifax based IFT Wealth Management has been advising the people of West Yorkshire on financial planning since 1993. Their expertise of the whole financial market place allows them to help you invest in a brighter tomorrow. Whatever the level of investment, starting today gives you a firm foundation on which to build your tomorrow.
Becki Marren, Business Partnerships Manager at Overgate said: “We are so lucky to have support from special businesses like IFT Wealth Management and heroes like Laurence who are there to support us when we need it most. I want to thank Laurence for being so committed to Overgate, your kindness makes such a difference to the Hospice and we are sincerely grateful”.

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