We Recycle Christmas Trees!

Friday 10 Dec 2021
Volunteers collecting trees 2020
Recycling your old Christmas tree can help us support people with life-limiting illnesses thanks to our doorstep, contactless collection scheme.
Every year we provide support to hundreds of people living with life-limiting illnesses across Calderdale. As part of our annual Christmas Treecycling campaign a team of registered volunteers will come out to collect trees from front gardens or driveways in return for a donation which will support of the care provided at the Hospice.
This year we are proud to announce that the campaign has two headline sponsors: Ripponden Tree Farm and local commercial vehicle specialists GB Woodfield. The campaign is also supported by Green Valley Arborists and Calder Valley tree Care who are helping to recycle the trees.
Rachel Lumb, Fundraiser at Overgate Hospice said “Getting rid of your old Christmas tree can feel like such a chore so for a donation we will take it away for you and you can be hassle free for the New Year. We are always looking for ways to raise money for the Hospice and this campaign is a great and easy way for local people to support Overgate. The trees will be either sent to Ogden Water for the wildlife to create new habitats or shredded and sent to a local farm to be used as bedding for the animals.”
Overgate Hospice is the only adult Hospice in Calderdale and last year had a record 1,500 trees to collect raising £17,000 for the Hospice. This year the team aim to collect even more!
Collections can be made from homes, businesses, schools, pubs and hotels from across Calderdale. Registration is open now and the team will be out from the 6th January 2021.

Register your tree for collection