Brighouse Based Yorkshire Payments Partners with Overgate

Tuesday 18 May 2021
Connie Contactless, Overgate’s contactless donation machine, has been touring the businesses of
Calderdale, who have hosted the machine so that employees and customers could easily donate to
the Hospice with a simple swipe!

Yorkshire Payments, a Brighouse based merchant services provider, kindly donated the first
contactless machine as a way to support the Hospice and help with their vital fundraising needs. So
far the initiative has raised over £500 for the Hospice! Due to the very high demand from the
wonderful Calderdale business community, the fundraising team recognised a need for more

They added two new machines to their contactless family and have already found a temporary home
for each of them! These two new machines will be paid for by the Hospice, but they are already
proving to be well worth the investment.

Becki Marren, Business Partnerships Manager at the Hospice said;
“We are so grateful to all of the amazing businesses that have hosted our contactless machines and
helped to make our Connie campaign such a success! This past year has been difficult for all, but our
business friends chose to help support our patients even when facing their own challenges, showing
just how much community spirit Calderdale has! And we are so thankful to Yorkshire Payments for
their generosity in donating our very first Connie! Each penny we receive from these machines will
help us to provide the love, care and support that we do for the people of this community when they
are facing the most difficult time of their lives. Thank you to each person who has donated or hosted
Connie. Because your business cares, we can”.

James Howard, Managing Director at Yorkshire Payments said: “We have worked with and
supported Overgate Hospice for several years and we are delighted that they have increased the
number of Contactless Core devices named by Overgate as Connie. Over the next couple of months,
these will be placed in businesses across Yorkshire. Please if you come across them use your card
and make a contactless donation to help an amazing charity.”

To host Connie for a day, a week or on a regular basis, or for more
information click the button below

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