The Chaplaincy Team and Spiritual Care in the Hospice

Pastoral and Spiritual Care is available to patients and their family and friends. Serious illness can affect any of us, either directly or through a family member or friend. It affects our physical body and often our whole life and how we feel about life. We can find ourselves in need of a range of physical, emotional and spiritual support.

For most of us, the search for meaning, purpose, love, hope, dignity and understanding are core needs. For some people this might be expressed in terms of a religious faith - for all of us - attention to our core needs is at the heart of spiritual care.

At Overgate, spiritual care and pastoral support is provided on many levels, whether through an informal act of kindness or through the expertise of the Chaplaincy/Spiritual Care Team. The Team is available to everyone – patients, family members, friends or staff and whether they have a religious faith or none. We're here for people who want to talk to someone in confidence about what's going on for them, or want someone to be along side them during the challenges they're facing.

We spend time with patients in our Day Hospice and our Inpatient Unit and are happy to respond to requests from them, their family or friends for a range of things such as offering a listening ear; arranging a quiet time of reflection; a bed-side communion service; an act of anointing; a walk to our 'spiritual space' in our garden room; or working through questions and challenges people may have.

The Chaplain is part of the wider Patient and Family Support Team, taking care of new and existing patients and their families and offering a multi-disciplinary approach to care. This involves a sharing of understandings and specialist expertise to all areas of physical, psychological, social and spiritual support.

We can also arrange a quiet time for reflection, bedside communion, prayers or anointing or can arrange for a representative of other faith traditions to visit.

We are involved in all aspects of the hospice services and are involved in special services such as the numerous “Light Up a Life” services in December and the “Lanterns on the Lake” in the summer.

We offer Pastoral and Spiritual Care to all Patients, their family and friends.

Contact Rev. Tina turner on 01422 379151 or at