Overgate Hospice offers a counselling service to patients, their relatives, friends and carers. It is a free and confidential service.

Our counsellors aim to provide support to those who are experiencing the emotions and difficulties associated with having a life-limiting illness, or caring for someone who has one, by providing a safe, quiet place to talk freely. Counselling can help to find ways of saying things that have been difficult to say to people who are close. It can help to make sense of feelings, and provide encouragement to untangle confusions and uncertainties. The service is entirely confidential and can help to maintain a sense of 'being in control'.

For further information on any aspect of the Counselling Service at Overgate Hospice, please contact:

Marica Webley  

Tel: 01422 379151


Counselling Team

Overgate’s Counselling team is led by our Psychotherapist Marica, and the team is made up of volunteer counsellors who are either qualified counsellors or counselling students in their final year of study. Counsellors are trained to listen carefully and provide emotional support. They will not give advice but will provide a 'listening ear' and support to help explore ways of coping which suit the individual. Please note that whilst we do our best to offer counselling as quickly as possible, there is, at times, a waiting list and it may not be possible to place you with a counsellor for a few weeks.


Bereavement counselling is available to relatives, friends and carers of patients who were known to us at the Hospice and were using our services at the time of their death. Our service operates a flexible ‘open door’ policy so that people can contact us at any point following the death of a relative or friend.

The death of someone close is a traumatic event in life, and although we are used to experiencing losses throughout our lifetime, often we are not prepared for the death of a loved one. The pain and suffering of grief is a part of bereavement and counselling can help through this difficult time.

Every person’s needs will differ. We are, however, able to offer up to 12 sessions of bereavement counselling.

Children and Young People

Whilst we are unable to offer counselling to anyone under 16 years old, our Social Work team can offer support and resources to assist children and young people through this difficult time.