Education in Specialist Palliative Care and End Of Life Care at Overgate

Here at Overgate we recognise that education is not a luxury; it is a key component of professional care. We need to equip healthcare professionals with the required knowledge to improve the palliative care services of the future. Karen Hagreen is our Educators in Palliative Care and she will be driving forward training in end of life care, working alongside our community colleagues.

For information regarding education and training opportunities. Please contact Karen on 01422 379151 or email 

Education vision and mission statement 2015 - 2017 Vision:

The provision of specialist palliative care, on-going education, and learning and development that enables healthcare professionals across the Calderdale community to deliver high-quality, evidence-based end of life care, that is effective and responsive, to best meet the needs and wishes of patients and carers.

Mission Statement

At Overgate Hospice we provide specialist palliative care, but acknowledge that a number of patients receiving end of life or palliative care will have some, or all, of their care delivered by generalist practitioners.

We intend to deliver education that meets the learning and training needs of a diverse workforce of health care professionals working with patients from across Calderdale community who require palliative care.

We recognise the clinical expertise of colleagues within the Calderdale community and aim to support the sharing of good practice.

Local, regional and national policies are drivers of clinical practice and will underpin and provide both impetus and theory for the education and training provided.

We will be responsive to local need.  The perceived needs of our learners will be gained through educational needs analysis which will inform the formation of educational strategy.

We aim to deliver a flexible programme of education that identifies creative ways of delivery to ensure it is accessible to all. 

Training and education will be evaluated and suggestions incorporated into future learning.

The Overgate Educator will work cohesively with external stakeholders and CHFT colleagues who deliver end of life care education and palliative care education.

Information Evenings

We hold information evenings regularly for anyone who has an interest in the Hospice and the services available. Please contact Karen Hagreen using the details above to learn about future dates.

Here are some comments from those who have attended previous meetings:

‘It’s important to me to be able to pass information on to my patients, as it can, as you know, be very daunting for them and their relatives for the patients’ first visit.’

‘The fact that I have now met some of the staff, and can see how caring and in tune with palliative needs you are, word of mouth goes a long way.’

‘It made me more aware of the services and care available. Also I found it valuable to have other specialist nurses present and to hear their contribution as their contribution was encouraged.’