EPaCCS (Electronic Palliative Care Coordination System)

What is it?

Communication and coordination between healthcare professionals is essential to provide high quality care for patients with life-limiting and long term conditions. The Electronic Palliative Care Coordination System (EPaCCS) records and shares this information in an electronic record that can then be viewed by healthcare professionals. It is a national initiative that has been set up locally with help from Overgate Hospice.

EPaCCS records can be accessed by any professional who may be caring for a patient, including their GP, district nurses, specialist nurses, hospice services and some hospital services. The EPaCCS records are particularly useful for professionals such as out of hours doctors and night nursing services who may be less familiar with a particular patient. Recording this information in one place allows easy access to it, prevents duplication and aids decision making.

EPaCCS also acts as a library for useful information and resources that can be accessed by healthcare professionals either for their own use, or for patients and their carers to use.

Below is a list of useful documents and links:

Useful Resources



NHS Choice - End of Life Care

Macmillan Information

Organ and Tissue Donation

What to expect when someone is dying

End of Life: Guide for Patients and Carers

Care and support of the dying person

Driving and Prescription Drugs

DNACPR Patient Leaflet

Calderdale Out of Hours Service

Financial Support

NHS Choices - Personal Independence Payments

PIP Information

NHS Choices - Attendance Allowance

NHS Choices - Carers Allowance

Calderdale Benefits Advice - referral form

Calderdale Cancer Support Service

Calderdale Cancer Support - referral form

Support Agencies

Gateway to Care


Age UK

Calderdale Carers Project

Learning Disability Team




Cancer Support Directory

Community Out of Hours Service

GSF Information

GSF Prognostic Indicator Guidance

GMC End of Life Care Guidance

Find your 1% Campaign


Faith and Spiritual Needs

Symptom Management

Anticipatory Prescribing Guidelines

NICE Opioid Guidelines

Opioid Conversion Spider Chart

Opioid Conversion Guidance

CHT Symptom Control

YCN Guide to Symptom Management

Heart Failure Symptom Management

Hospice Links

Overgate Hospice Website (Home)

Overgate Day Hospice

Information for Professionals

Forms/ Guidance

Community Palliative Care Referral Form

Day Hospice Referral Form

Respite at Overgate Referral Form

Calderdale Fast Track Form

Guidance for Booking Transport

Oxygen HOOF Guidance

ICODD Paperwork

ICODD Information for Patients and Carers

ICODD End of Life Plan/ Multidisciplinary Communication Sheet

Mental Capacity

Deprivation of Liberty

Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice


Initial Guidance for Safeguarding Adults Alert Form

Safeguarding Adults Alert Form

Summary Guide Safeguarding Adults Process

After Death

Verification of expected death paperwork

Verification of expected policy

Guidance for doctors completing medical certificates of cause of death



Planning for your Future Care Booklet

ACP Toolkit

Overgate Advance Statement document

ADRT Guide

ADRT Document



What to do after someone dies (Tell Us Once)

Calderdale Help in Bereavement Service

Bereavement Advice Service

Overgate Hospice Bereavement Guide



Rainbows at Noah's Ark

Winston's Wish