Referring people to Overgate Hospice

Referring Patients to Overgate Hospice

Patients who meet our eligibility criteria (below) may be referred to Overgate Hospice for any of the following services:

  • Admission to the ward

- for assessment, symptom control, psychological support or terminal care

  • Day Hospice (traditional)

- patient attends from 9.30am-3pm

  • Day Hospice (therapy days)

- patient attends for a half day to receive therapies and other holistic services

  • Booked respite

-  this has fixed start and end dates, with admissions on Thursdays and discharges on Wednesdays.  It is not suitable for people who have a breakdown of social support.  Rather it is designed to give carers a scheduled rest to allow them to carry on caring. It can also give patients who live alone a break from caring for themselves.

Due to high demand, counselling and complementary therapy at Overgate can only be accessed by patients and carers who are already in one of the arms of the service; Inpatient (acute or respite) or Day Hospice.

Our Carers’ Group is open to carers of patients who come to Day Hospice, or who are currently on the Inpatient Unit.


Inpatient admission

9am-5pm, Monday to Friday

- For professionals, there is a dedicated referrals line: 01422 387100

Ideally, patients should be assessed by the specialist palliative care team (hospital or community) who will make the referral

- Patients must be agreeable to the referral

- Please be ready to inform us of the patient’s demographic details, diagnosis, the urgency of the referral, the reasons for requesting admission, whether the patient smokes, what their MRSA/infection status is and whether the patient has the capacity to consent to admission

Evenings, weekends and bank holidays

- Please phone 01422 379151

- A member of the ward team will take some details and arrange for the on-call consultant to get back in touch with you.  Even if there is no bed available, they may be able to give you some advice on management of the patient.

Respite bed

- Please telephone 01422 379151 and ask to speak to Bunty Rawson or Jean Derrick between 9am and 5pm.

Day Hospice

- Please complete the referral form here and tick the 'Day Hospice' box.

- If you would like to discuss a case with the Day Hospice team, please phone 01422 379151 and ask for Day Hospice.  The best time to phone is between 3.30pm and 4.30pm, but the team may be able to discuss cases at other times.


  1. 1. The patient has active, progressive and potentially life threatening disease.
  2. 2. The patient has unresolved complex needs that cannot be met by the caring team, or it is anticipated that the patient will develop such needs in the very near future.  These needs may be psychological, social, spiritual and/or physical.  Examples may include complicated symptoms, specialised nursing needs, difficult family situations or ethical issues regarding treatment decisions.
  3. 3. The patient has recently been assessed by a member of one of the Specialist Palliative Care Teams.