Inpatient Services

What does Overgate Hospice do?

Overgate Hospice is based in Elland, between Halifax and Huddersfield, and provides skilled and compassionate specialist care to patients with any life-limiting illness.

We deliver specialist care through teams of nurses, doctors, social workers, physiotherapists, and other professionals with backgrounds in areas such as spiritual and religious care. Our aim is to ensure the best quality of life for all our patients, while providing support to their families and friends.

All our care is provided free of charge.

Overgate Hospice receives part of the cost from the Calderdale Commisioning group, however we have to raise a substantial part of the money through fundraising, donations, gifts and grants.

Why do people come to the Inpatient Unit?

Patients come in to the Inpatient Unit for a variety of reasons. You may need help to control difficult symptoms such as pain or breathlessness, help with emotional and family support or end of life care.

How long can I expect to remain an inpatient?

This varies from patient to patient. Overgate Hospice is not a long stay unit. If you come to us as an inpatient, we will review your care regularly. Sometimes patients still need nursing care, but not the high level of specialist care that the hospice provides. If this happens we will, in consultation with you and your family/carers, arrange for you to be transferred to a care home, or return to your own home with appropriate support.

A significant number of patients are able to return home from the Inpatient Unit, with approximately 45% of people being discharged. All discharges are carefully planned in conjunction with patient, families and the team.

What is the Inpatient Unit like?

The Inpatient Unit provides specialist palliative care for people in Calderdale with life-limiting illnesses when their needs cannot be met in their current place of care. This includes management of complex physical, psycho-social and spiritual issues, as well as holistic care at the end of life.

Specialist palliative care is a unique area and although we have a ward, Overgate Hospice works a bit differently to a Hospital;

Overgate Hospice provides holistic care – we see the whole person rather than the illness.

The Hospice environment is homely and welcoming.

The atmosphere is one of gentle good humour and warmth.

The Hospice cares for families and carers as well as patients.

Overgate Hospice strives to accommodate the needs of patients and their families by being as flexible as possible about day leave and visiting.


The Inpatient Unit has 12 beds consisting of 4 single rooms (one of which is a bookable respite room) and 2 four bedded rooms, all rooms overlook the beautiful gardens. The unit is strictly single sex accommodation. Each bed has a TV, and arrangements can be made to use the internet and telephone.

Overgate Hospice has a dedicated specialist palliative care medical team that provide a 24-hour service including consultant cover. The ward is staffed by specialist nurses, who work as part of a multi-professional team with the other disciplines previously mentioned. If you are interested in Day Hospice we can arrange for you to visit whilst on the Inpatient Unit, and if you cannot leave your bed our staff will come to visit you. There are a number of different sorts of activities that you can participate in such as the wide range of complementary therapies.

What about meals?

Breakfast is served from 8am, lunch at 12pm, and the evening meal is from 5.30pm. You can choose from a variety of hot, alcoholic and soft drinks throughout the day. We have a varied, ever-changing menu and we are more than happy to accomodate any particular preferences if possible. If you have special dietary requirements, please tell us so that we can prepare a meal that suits you.

Can I smoke?

The Hospice has a no smoking policy. This means that staff, relatives and visitors cannot smoke anywhere in the hospice building or grounds. Patients who smoke may do so in a designated area in the garden.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring your own toiletries, nightwear, day clothes and slippers. There are individual wardrobes for your belongings. We provide towels, however we cannot do your personal laundry for you, so please ask your relatives or friends to do this. Please do not bring in valuables or large amounts of money, as while bedside cabinets are lockable, we cannot take responsibility for items that go missing. There is a small safe in the hospice for money and valuables, but this is only accessible during Monday-Friday working hours.

Please bring in with you the medicines that you are taking, and if possible your most recent GP repeat prescription request. This helps us to make quite sure that we have an up-to-date view of your medicines and also saves wasting the medicines you already have, as once they have been checked, you will normally be able to continue to take them on the ward.

Overgate Hospice has a pharmacy service, so will make sure that you have all the medicines that you need whilst you are an inpatient and when you go out on visits or go home.

If you are taking any unusual medicines or products that are not available on prescription - for example health food supplements - we may ask you to supply these yourself. If there are any problems with your medicines, our pharmacist will be available to help.

What sorts of things can I buy?

Overgate Hospice sells a small range of greeting cards and gifts. You can also purchase newspapers, sweets and drinks.

When can my visitors come?

We welcome visitors at any time of the day. Visitors are able to stay the night by the patient's bedside in arrangement with the nurses. The staff also have a list of local hotels, and bed and breakfast accommodations.

Children are very welcome to visit. There are a few toys on the ward. Younger children must be supervised, especially in the gardens where there is a water feature.

Pets are also welcome to visit. Please speak with the nurses to arrange this.

Can we use the gardens?

All the gardens are open to patients and visitors, and you can get around them in a wheelchair and a bed could be taken outside. The Garden Pod building offers a sheltered, peaceful space to enjoy the gardens and have some spiritual space.

What if English is not my first language?

We have access to an interpreting service, and we encourage you and your family to use it to make it easier for you to tell us what you need and how we can help you. Please ask on admission and one of the nurses will arrange it.

Relatives' Room

The Inpatient Unit has a wonderful relatives' room which gives family, friends and carers time and space to be with their thoughts and relax.  There is also limited sleeping facilities available for overnight stay for the families who would like to stay at the Hospice with their loved ones.

What people say about the care received at Overgate Hospice:

“Words cannot even begin to describe how much warmth, kindness, love and support you showed my Dad. As a family we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for everything.”

“Because of you, Dad was able to depart with dignity, in comfort and peace which is what we all wanted. Also many thanks for the help you gave me in dealing with all this, you provided the shoulders to lean on and the words of comfort and support wherever needed. Just as I will never forget my Dad, I will always remember you too.”

For further information about the Inpatient Unit please do not hesitate to email us at

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