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Overgate Hospice offers a wide range of complementary therapies to the patients attending Day Hospice, and to those who are in the Inpatient Unit. Each patient is treated as a unique individual, the therapies are carefully planned giving thought to mind, body and spirit. These strategies can bring about profound benefits as well as a sense of well-being. 86% of patients attending Day Hospice request complementary therapies.

The complementary therapies are dedicated to serve the patient's needs ‘in the moment’ and relaxing boundaries enable patients to experience compassionate empathy and a connection with the therapist. Outcomes of the therapies are felt immediately, giving patients time and space to reflect on their current state and the next steps.

For further information about complementary therapies at Overgate Hospice please call 01422 379151.

Therapies Available

Overgate Hospice has a wide range of complementary therapies which include: 


Aromatherapy has its roots in the most ancient healing practices of mankind.  It is the use of essential oils, which are extracts from plant material, that have the potential to provide a direct effect on the mind, body and emotions of a person.

Treatments are offered as:-

  • Gentle massage
  • Baths using essential oils
  • Cream/blends to moisturise the skin
  • Oil burners releasing vapours to soothe or to uplift the mind

Therapeutic Touch

Touch facilitates a closer relationship with patients offering reassurance, comfort, warmth and security.


Massage therapy promotes physical and mental relaxation by bringing about a feeling of well-being.  This is achieved by increasing circulation of blood and lymphatic flow, thereby helping to eliminate toxins from the body.


This treatment is used to promote relaxation, relieve stress and tension, and restore and maintain the body’s natural balance.  It involves the stimulation of specific reflex points on the feet by a trained Reflexologist.

Diversional Therapy

Our Diversional Therapist encourages patients to take part in creative activities.  For some patients, the opportunity to draw, paint and write can help to express creativity, bringing enjoyment and satisfaction.

Many of our patients enjoy sewing, knitting and other handicrafts. Sometimes producing small items for sale in Overgate Hospice.

Vibrational Essences

Essences are solutions synthesised from flowers, plants, trees, crystals or other natural resources. They work directly with our emotions and can help balance these emotions when we are stressed. They can be taken orally, topically applied, diluted in bathing water or dispersed throughout the air around the person or environment. 

They can be beneficial when someone is suffering upsets, distress, concerns and worries, despondency and sadness, and is coping with challenges and problems.