We know that coming to a hospice might feel daunting and people often have misconceptions of hospice care. Whilst we understand that everyone’s situation is unique, below are the answers to some questions we are often asked. We hope you find the answers helpful but if you have any further questions, please get in touch.

Is Overgate just a place to go to die?

End of life care is only a really small part of what we do at Overgate Hospice. Many of our patients come to Overgate for expert pain relief or symptom control with over 34% being discharged. We also care for hundreds of patients each year through our Day Hospice, Respite Care and Drop-In Service, all aimed at promoting a sense of wellbeing and a positive approach to living with their illness. Receiving hospice care does not mean giving up hope or that death is imminent. The earlier an individual receives hospice care, the more opportunity there is to support the patient and address their needs.

Is the care at Overgate based around a specific religion?

Overgate provides care for anyone in our local community regardless of religion, race or cultural background. We offer spiritual and pastoral care for any of our patients, if they would like it. We recognise the diversity of our local community and value different cultures, faiths and life experiences of every individual and we do our best to meet their needs.

Is Overgate Hospice just for the elderly?

Overgate Hospice provides specialist palliative care to anyone over the age of 18 years old who is living with a life-limiting illness.

Does Overgate Hospice only care for patients with cancer?

Although a lot of our patients have a cancer diagnosis, we look after any patients who have are living with a life-limiting illness including, but not restricted to: respiratory disorders, heart disease, Parkinson’s, motor neurone disease, and other neurological problems.

Is Overgate Hospice fully funded by the Government and the NHS?

Overgate Hospice is not fully funded by the Government and the NHS. However, we do receive some funding from the Calderdale Integrated care boards (ICBs) but this only covers a portion of our annual running costs. Last year, ICB funded 18% of our total running costs. This means that we rely on the generous people of Calderdale to help raise the remaining £3.3 million.

Do patients have to pay for their care?

All our care is provided free of charge to patients and their carers, family members and friends thanks to the generosity of the Calderdale community. Each year our community raises over £3.3 million to ensure their local hospice can continue to offer our services, at no cost, to the people of Calderdale.

Is Overgate Hospice like a hospital?

No, although the care we provide at Overgate is similar to the care provided in hospitals. We recognise that home is a safe place where you can be yourself and at Overgate we aim to replicate that as much as possible. We care for families and carers as well as patients and are able to do this with more staff and volunteers. We strive to accommodate the needs of patents and their families by being as flexible as possible regarding, for example, visiting times and requests such as pet visits.

Is the Hospice a sad place?

Although there are sad times here at the Hospice, we focus on adding life to days of our patients. Our staff and volunteers create an atmosphere of kindness, respect, gentle good humour and warmth.