Our Inpatient Unit consists of 12 beds: two 4-bed bays and four private rooms, one of which is a 1-week bookable respite bed. We also have a relatives’ room for families to take a break and even stay over if they wish to be near their loved one for as long as possible. 

On our Inpatient Unit we have a high staff to patient ratio which allows us to give the time needed to care for our patients in the way they deserve. We give the highest standard of care at Overgate, and a huge part of this is simply having the time to be there for our patients and their families. Whether that’s a friendly chat and a game of dominoes, or ensuring we control our patients’ symptoms as much as possible and are here to answer any questions about their care and treatment.

We have a highly skilled multidisciplinary team who form part of the care here at Overgate. They will work together with the patient to provide individualised care and always make decisions that have the patient at heart.

Are you or is a loved one being admitted to our Inpatient Unit? Click here to download our Welcome to Overgate booklet with all the information you will need for your stay.

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