Day Hospice is an integral part of the care we offer at Overgate. It enhances quality of life for patients by helping maximise independence through engaging in activities and therapies and provides personalised care in a relaxed environment. It also offers the opportunity for patients to meet other people who are going through a similar experience enabling them to share concerns in a supportive environment. The team offer a wide range of medical and nursing care alongside therapies and support from our Patient and Family Support team. 

In Day Hospice we offer several services aimed at improving life for patients living with various conditions including dementia, COPD or other respiratory issues, and for patients with other life-limiting illnesses. For those who are unable to visit the Hospice, we provide an Overgate Outreach service where members of our team will visit a patient’s home and assess how we can help them. We also offer Virtual Day Hospice and have six Overgate Hubs located in the community. 

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