If a loved one is dealing with the challenges of a life-limiting illness, this can affect the whole family, especially if you have taken on the role as carer. Overgate is here for patients at whatever stage they are in their diagnosis, and we are also here for you.

We have a dedicated Carers’ Group where you can meet others in similar circumstances and gain the support of people in your community who understand your situation. We have counsellors and social workers who can help you cope with the day-to-day life of caring for someone with a life-limiting illness. And if you are faced with the loss of your loved one, we are here to support you throughout your bereavement journey with dedicated counselling sessions and support groups.

If your loved one is staying at Overgate Hospice in our Inpatient Unit or accessing our services as a patient, please download our booklet below titled ‘Welcome to Overgate Hospice’ for all the information you and your loved one will need.

Welcome to Overgate hospice

Please see below for the ways we can support you as a loved one or carer of someone with a life-limiting illness.