Do you love the feel of fresh air in your lungs and the sights and sounds of nature? If so, why not join the Overgate Hospice Social Stroll?
At Overgate, we believe one of the best things for physical and emotional wellbeing is gentle exercise and socialising with others who you can relate to. Our Social Stroll is inclusive of everyone, whether you’re in a wheelchair, use a walking stick or frame, or care for someone with limited mobility. We want everyone to join in and feel the benefits of a good stroll!

If you or your loved one is involved in Overgate’s services and would like to join, just let our Day Hospice Team know! See below for upcoming dates:


OSCA Foundation Community Sports Hub                                        Savile Park - Meet at New Lodge Fisheries         

 Friday 26th April                                                                                           Friday 3rd May
    Friday 27th May                                                                                            Friday 7th June   
Friday 28th June                                                                                           Friday 5th July
     Friday 26th July                                                                                            Friday 2nd August
               Friday 26th August                                                                                        Friday 6th September    
       Friday 27th September                                                                                 Friday 4th October
            Friday 25th October                                                                                                                          

Meet at 10am on any of the dates listed!