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Just after I retired 21 years ago, I was invited to join the Board of Trustees at Overgate. Dr Brian Quinn, one of the cofounders of the Hospice, had been a great friend of mine and his love of Overgate was my main reason for saying yes. His enthusiasm was infectious! I met with the fundraising team and the first thing we did was set up the lottery. I must have toured the entirety of Calderdale to promote it!

My sister Rita, who worked with Dr Quinn as a Senior Nurse, was cared for at the Hospice, as were my brother-in-law and many friends over the years. The care and experience that the patients receive is of the highest importance to everyone on the team. In my time as a Trustee I would quite often sit and talk to patients and I learned so much about what mattered to them.

Every conversation I had was a real privilege and also helped me to support the Hospice as best I could. Knowing how important the gardens are to patients and their families I instigated a project to get new outdoor furniture and make the grounds as pleasant as possible. I also continued to support fundraising activities, helping with projects like redecorating the Brighouse shop on Bethel Street.

I am no longer a Trustee but I am proud of the small part I have played in the history of Overgate, and still pass their lottery leaflets on to anyone that will take one!   

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