A Win for the Overgate Lottery

Monday 02 Aug 2021
Funraisers saying thank you to all Overgate Lottery players

2020 saw us experience our most difficult year since we opened in 1981. With our shops forced to shut and many of our events cancelled, the loss of income from these alone could have been catastrophic. But, while there is still much uncertainty ahead, one thing that has truly helped to keep our doors open to the people of this community, and continues to carry us through difficult times, is The Overgate Hospice Lottery. 

Last year, the Lottery raised an incredible £161,000! This is the most our lottery has raised since the inception in 2003, and has ensured our vital care is still available to local people in need of our help. Marie Sullivan, Deputy Director of Clinical Services here at the Hospice oversees their clinical teams and services, here’s what she had to say about how important the Overgate Hospice Lottery is in raising vital funds…

“I first started my role in February 2019, which is when I also joined the Overgate Hospice Lottery. Before starting at the Hospice I’d never heard of our lottery, but since then I have seen first-hand how important the funds raised through our generous lottery community are in helping us to give the very best care that our patients deserve. 

£161,000 pays for a bed on our in-patient unit for 290 days! Last year it helped us to go virtual with our Day Hospice, meaning vulnerable local people, who might otherwise be extremely isolated, were still able to experience many of our services and counselling sessions, while connecting with other people experiencing very similar circumstances.

Having our lottery community behind us has meant that all me and my nursing and medical teams have had to worry about is giving the best care possible, not whether we can afford to give it. We cannot thank our amazing community of lottery players enough for what you have done for local people who need the love, care and support that we provide. Your support has truly changed the lives of your friends, family and neighbours.”

If you would like to sign up today, or share The Overgate Hospice Lottery with family and friends, visit the lottery page via the button below. It truly will make a difference to the people of this community who need the special care that we provide.

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