We are proud to announce we are the first hospice in the country to join the Calderdale Framework with the newly developed Hospice Support Worker Competency Based Training Programme (HSCB), and are now rolling the scheme out to their staff across the clinical teams.

The Calderdale Framework provides a clear and systematic method of reviewing skill mix and roles within a service to ensure consistency, quality and safety for patients and staff. Put simply, it is a tool for skill sharing across a healthcare organisation, helping staff to grow their own skills and ensure the patients get the best possible experience.
For instance, a Staff Nurse at Overgate may have the skills and experience to perform a certain task which a Nursing Assistant may not, and vice versa, but with the Calderdale Framework they now have a structure for sharing their own skills and learning new ones which are not generally included in the training for their job role, which then means the care at Overgate is even more integrated, patient-centred, efficient and safe.

The Calderdale Framework has been rolled out internationally, but, adding to the Hospice’s achievement, Overgate is also the first healthcare setting in the Framework’s home and namesake of Calderdale to join the initiative. The Framework was set up by two Calderdale residents, Jayne Duffy and Rachael Smith, who have over 50 years combined extensive clinical experience in the NHS. On helping the Hospice achieve this incredible goal, they said:
“The 16th of May 2023 saw the culmination of a ground-breaking workforce development project for Overgate Hospice! It has given the staff the opportunity to better meet the patients’ needs, and it supports not just the nursing staff but also Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy staff to make sure patients have the best possible experience.
“Forward thinking leadership by Marie Sullivan, Deputy Director of Clinical Services, and clinical leadership by Helen Melaugh, Physiotherapist, and engagement with all staff groups has led to the completion of this ground-breaking workbook. A huge well done to everyone concerned!”

Helen Melaugh, Overgate’s Physiotherapist, was instrumental in the process of bringing the Calderdale Framework to Overgate, here’s what she had to say, “I have worked with Jayne and Rachael for many years and knew the Framework was something Overgate could benefit from before I even started working here! It really is an amazing achievement for the Hospice and just means we can continue leading the way in providing excellent end-of-life care which focuses on the patient first and foremost. We are very proud to roll out our new HSCB workbooks to current staff and new starters!”

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