Hospice celebrates 20 years of the Overgate Lottery!

Wednesday 11 Oct 2023
Back in 2003, the Overgate Hospice Lottery was created as an easy way for the local community to support their Hospice. 20 years on, Overgate has attracted thousands of players who help raise vital funds by donating as little as £1 each week to play the lottery.

The Lottery raises an incredible £177,000 each year, making it one of the main sources of income for the Hospice. The Overgate Lottery is a monthly subscription and gives players the chance to win nine cash prizes weekly, with a jackpot of £750. The winners are contacted each week by Hospice volunteers who are eager to share the exciting news with their loyal supporters.

The Overgate Lottery provides a reliable, steady income for the Hospice which, as a registered charity, helps plan for the future care of the Calderdale community and means that all Overgate’s vital services can still be provided free of charge to their patients and families.

Director of Income Generation, Laura Golding said “We are so grateful to all of Overgate’s supporters and those who play our weekly lottery are making a huge difference. £1 a week doesn’t seem like much but when thousands of our supporters are all donating this to play the lottery, it really adds up and raises a huge amount each year. If you’re not in our lottery yet, we welcome you to join the many others who have won our £750 jackpot!”

If you would like to sign up or share The Overgate Hospice Lottery with family and friends, simply visit Overgate’s website at www.overgatehospice.org.uk. Your support will make all the difference to families in your community.

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