Patients and loved ones at Overgate Hospice can today experience the joys of gaming together, thanks to a kind donation of two Nintendo Switches by UK-based charity, Gamers Beat Cancer.

Gamers Beat Cancer support people of all ages and backgrounds to manage the mental health issues that come with living with cancer, and the emotional journey that accompanies cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. This donation to Overgate has meant that young people who visit their loved ones, as well as patients, can take a moment to focus on something other than their current circumstances, to enjoy simple friendly competition and keep themselves entertained on rainy days.

Steven Bracewell, founder of Gamers Beat Cancer, had this to say about why they chose to support Overgate in this amazing way, “We are supporting Overgate Hospice as the husband of one of our former trustees was cared for by the Hospice in his last days, so Overgate will always be very close to our hearts. We want to show more support for hospices in general as they are an important part of cancer patients’ lives and sometimes they are forgotten in the big scheme of life.”

Kim Szyczak, Ward Manager on our Inpatient Unit was thrilled with the donation and what it will give to patients and their loved ones, “We are so thankful to Gamers Beat Cancer for their kind donation of the Nintendo Switches. The consoles will mean our patients and their loved ones can take a moment away to focus on something else, and create more happy moments together while they can".

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